Wednesday, September 11, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Gene stayed behind an rested at Claire's cottage.

Meanwhile, Francis took off to head towards the Manchester Police Station, to meet with Sergeant Fitzgerald.

I want to speak with Sergeant Fitzgerald or Lieutenant Gardner, with his raspy voice, "asked Francis?"

What might the problem be, "asked the desk clerk?" 

I'll take care of this, walking over officer Cathcart entered the conversation.Officer I found this in Claire's bedroom dresser drawer, between two sweaters, while I was unpacking and settling in, "Francis explained."

What's in the bag,"questioned Officer Cathcart?" 

Opening the brown paper bag, officer Cathcart could smell the stench. 

Oh my god that must be Ms. Campton's finger, we were wondering what happened to it, "officer Cathcart said!"