Wednesday, September 11, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Francis comforted Gene in her sorrow, trying to put her mind at ease.Do you think this could be Claire's finger, Gene asked Francis, while wiping the tears from her face?

Can't be sure Gene, will have to place the finger in a bag, and take it down to the police station as evidence, "Francis had explained."Aren't you scared to touch that, no I'm going to pick it up with a piece of paper towel, then put it into a brown paper bag.Gene and Frances had walked over to the floor by the dresser, kneeling while covering their noses.

Gene, go get me a paper towel and a brown paper lunch bag from the kitchen, "Francis had suggested!"Do you feel well enough Gene or would you rather go lie back down, "questioned Francis?"No I think I can handle this, I'm alright, as she began stand up, slowly heading for the kitchen.