Friday, September 13, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Claire had come down to join Thornton in the parlor.
Thornton stood up and greeted her, I'd like to introduce you to, my beautiful wife Mrs.Claire Androusey. Gerald the Butler turned around and kissed Claire on the hand, a look of surprise, appeared on her face.

Very enchanting Mr. Androusey,"complemented Gerald." 

She sure is a stunning one, as Thornton leaned in, and gave Claire a peck on the cheek.The scent of her hair and skin always captured his thirst of love for her.

Claire just seem to stare at Gerald, completely astonished, as she  nudged Thornton.

What would you like me to serve you to drink, Gerald asked Claire? I'll have an Amaretto on the rocks, with a side of ice, " she replied."