Wednesday, July 10, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

The creaking of the door's opening, pattering across the wooded floors, as passing through the living room.

Come out Claire, you have to eat some time, You must be hungry by now, you haven't eaten in two days, "Thornton hollered!"

Silence throughout the foyer flooded the dwelling, Yet Thornton knew she had been hiding, that made him more in raged not knowing Claire's where about?

Ice cubes rattled the glass of whiskey pouring into his hand, as Thornton stood there in wonder...

Where are you my princess, sooner or later you will surface from starvation, he questioned?

Why can't you be nice and loving, You will learn to love me in time, "Thornton shouted abroad!"

Claire, I am not going to hurt you my dear, I just want to love you, "You are my wife, as the hostility filled the living room."


There is no use in playing or toying with my head, it just makes things worse for you. When I find you, you will make love to me, and you will be mine, as he climbed his way up the stairwell, to the main bedroom.