Saturday, July 13, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Thornton just stared and observed Claire, as she slept, tossing and turning. Every now and then she would moan and call out for "Sebastian."

Thornton eventually went back downstairs to the study, he had taken Ms. Campton to her vehicle, seeing it was nightfall. He then started the car and headed down the sandy foggy dirt road, as the vehicle diverted into the woods, with Ms. Campton behind the wheel.

Thornton hiked it back up to the cabin, leaving no traces behind, he had wiped off the steering wheel, the car door handle, neatly tucked Ms. Campton behind the wheel of the car. It was at least 2 miles from the cabin, down a deserted dark path of rocky road.

It had been going on 2am that morning, arriving back at the cabin, Claire had been sound asleep, from the medication Thornton had put in her tea. Thornton had slept in the study, till mid morning, while Claire had woken, and tried every locked door, to escape without making a sound. She could hear snoring coming from the study, and quietly peeked in on Thornton. She went to pickup a vase to smash Thornton in the head with, as she turned around, he grabbed her by the wrist.

"Ouch, you horrible maniac, Claire shouted!"

What do we have here Mrs. Androusey, Claire had dropped the vase, from his tight grip.

I will never be Mrs. Androusey, I will be with Sebastian, we are to be wed, as she fought him off.

Stop fighting me, its no use, "Thornton said."

Stop...let me go, suddenly Claire felt dizzy, and collapsed to the floor.

Thornton carried her upstairs, and placed her on the bed, he began to press his body against Claire's, as he laid beside her. Caressing her smooth olive toned skin, with kisses along her neck.

Thornton had jumped up from off the bed, and locked the door from behind, resisting the temptation and desire for Claire. He had hungered for the taste of her nectar, that flowed within her body, to smother her lips with his.

Therefore, he headed back downstairs to the study to fix himself a glass of whiskey, as the ice cubes hit the glass.