Saturday, July 13, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Claire had been hiding underneath a big tree limb, covered in leaves, 200 feet across from the cabin, by the shed.


Thornton had been searching for quite some time, out of the corner of his left eye, he noticed a  partial white piece of fabric, between the leaves, sticking out. He leaned in and grabbed ahold of Claire's dress, tarring it up to her waist. Kicking and screaming, fighting his restrain, while her wrists began to bleed again; from the splintered mirror she broke while escaping the first time, from behind the bedroom door.

Stop...let me go,, "Claire shouted with a raspy voice!"

Thornton scooped her up off the ground by her waistline, mud underneath her fingernails, from grabbing dirt, and throwing it at Thornton's face.

You bitch, get over here, while struggling her down to the ground, with his hand covering her mouth.

Sounds of whimpering, and scratching his face, as he grabbed her tighter, clutching both her wrists with his other hand; as he dragged her across the muddy leaves, back into the cabin.

I told you to stay quite, and not to run away from me ever, as he sat her on the chesterfield. I am going to release my hand from your mouth, if you scream, I'll sedate you again.

Claire didn't fight back, her strength was weakening, blood and dirt had grazed her arms, down to her torn wedding gown.

Thornton carried her upstairs and placed her in the bathtub, "Now wash yourself from the grit, as he spoke with a shallow voice."

Leave me, "Claire said," I need my privacy. I will leave you for now, I will be back my beauty, as he abrasively grabbed her face.


An hour had pasted, still Claire hadn't come down.

Thornton headed upstairs, their stood Claire wrapped in a towel, shivering from the night air, coming from the bedroom window. I can't get the blood to stop flowing, you shouldn't have tried to escape. Let me take the splinters of broken mirror out your skin, You're wrists are infected, "said Thornton."

Thornton cleaned and wrapped fresh bandages around Claire's scrapped wrists.

You will find a clean set of pajama's, that I have laid out for you on the bed. You must be hungry, get dressed, and come downstairs, Don't try to run, or you will be punished, "Thornton sternly stated."