Thursday, July 11, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Ding dong,..ding...dong, as the doorbell rang fear sly through the cabin.

Coming, just a minute, I'll be right there, "Thornton yelled down", with a swift run down the stairs.

What took so long, Mr. Androusey, "Ms. Campton asked?" 

I thought you were away on vacation, I was, that was two weeks ago Mr. Androusey.

Why are you sweating so much, dear, are you sick, "asked Ms. Campton?"

No, I was working out, "Thornton answered."

Well let me do the floors, and my housekeeping, I'll get out of your way Sir.

No, that won't be necessary, Thornton said.

How come, I always come once a week, to do the floors, "You're acting not your usual way, Ms. Campton responded."

It's just I am very busy today with my art work, You would be in the way of my painting, "Thornton replied."

Very beautiful painting, who's the lady of such defined beauty?

No one you would know, someone I painted a portrait of, for my friend in town, "he explained."

Nonsense, you worry to much, I'll be out of here in a jiffy.You seemed to have spilled some red paint on the wood floors dear.

Don't touch it, I'll wipe it up, "go...go, Thornton shouted!" 

Therefore, Ms. Campton started to tremble, as she carried her mop and bucket up the stairs.

Thornton started rustling through out the cabin, in a whisper, Claire where are you?

Still no answer...?