Saturday, July 13, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Claire had gotten dressed and headed downstairs, to meet Thornton in the kitchen.


Eat some soup and try to eat this sandwich, You'll need the strength. Claire began to eat slowly, watching his every move, as he sat across from her at the café table. Aren't you going to eat,"asked Claire?" I'll eat later, as he headed for the study. He entered the room, on the floor lye Ms. Campton, dead, Thornton fixed a shot of whiskey, as he chugged it back, he could hear Claire call out to him.

Thornton, I've finished my meal, "Where can I rest, please don't put me back in my room?

Thornton slammed the doors to the study, so Claire wouldn't see Ms. Campton's lifeless body.

Come, please don't put me back in my room, I'm not, as he carried her back upstairs.Thornton gently placed Claire down on the bed, reframing from kissing her, the urge to touch her voluptuous body, Rest my princess, Thornton said as he ran his fingers through her hair.

He went back downstairs, and fixed her Claire some hot tea. Here my love, don't call me that, I will never love you, like my true love Sebastian, "Claire said in a harsh tone."

Drink this tea, it will warm you up, I don't want to be here, "let me go, she cried out." You will learn to love me in time, You will accept being Mrs. Androusey, "Thornton demanded!"

Claire began to feel drowsy from the tea, "What did you put in my tea, Claire asked abruptly?" Something to make you sleep better, and take away the infection, you have in your body.

Claire began to see Thornton's face, fade in an out, down for the count, Claire had drifted off to sleep.