Saturday, July 13, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Thornton grew with worry, he placed the wet cool towel across Claire's forehead, as he pushed back the flowing curls that brushed her eyes.

He then walked over to Ms. Campton's lifeless body, throwing her over his shoulder, and placing her body in the study, Closing the doors behind.

Thornton had went back to check on Claire, Rage across the top of his voice, "Claire?"

Claire was no where to be found, only the dressing of bandages left on the floor, beside the Chesterfield.

Screaming in haste, throughout the cabin, "Claire where are you, Claire, he shouted?"

Claire slid through the front door, that had been unlocked from when Ms. Campton arrived, earlier that morning. Thornton, knew she couldn't get that far, in her travels, knowing the wounds she wore.

He began scouring the woods, and calling out, "Claire come back, I will find you; Claire you can't hide, I'm coming for you!"