Wednesday, July 10, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

Sounds of sighing, as the sheet was wrestled, thrown across the floor, ", let me out of here", as Claire was pounding down the door.

Let me out, "smash the mirror shattered into splinters", all over her hands, behind the bedroom door.

Blood flowing down the sides of wrists, and arms, as she wept in agony, the salty tears that ran down her chapped lips; she could taste when she licked her lips.

Where am I, why is this happening to me, "she shouted out loud?"

Claire heard shoes shuffling down the hall, getting closer, as the unlocking of a key engaged of the opening door; to the bedroom. She hid behind the door, trembling and sobbing.


Good afternoon Claire, where are you my sweet, "Come out were ever you are, Thornton demanded?" Searching under the bed, she waited for him to look into the closet, then she quietly

came out behind the solid oak mirrored door.

Running... as trails of blood followed behind, she tore off the bottom of her wedding dress, to stop the bleeding, as she wrapped individual pieces of the gown around her wrists. Wiping up the trail of blood, as she crawled beneath the staircase, to the upper level of the log cabin.


Claire, its no use, you can hide, "You will never get out, Thornton said; as he was chuckling through the corridor, that led into the study.

Slamming, the doors from behind, Claire peeked through the stairwell, she just sat there while the pain enriched with the thorns of pain. She didn't want make a sound of movement, so she fell a sleep; in a fetal position; beneath the staircase, shivering from the cold air that cradled her strapless olive skinned shoulders.