Wednesday, July 24, 2013

soulmate- Rapture

The sound of heels that clanked down the staircase, the reflection of an image in Thornton's eyes, dressed in a flowing dress, laced around her voluptuous body of olive skinned beauty. Ruby red lips of velvet, a scarf of curled hair that draped her shoulders, like a cape.

Come my princess, my vision of beauty, sit at the café table, While pouring Claire a glass of chardonnay. Claire's overwhelmingly anxious gaze, as she stared at the fixings of a romantic dining table, set for two.


I have prepared a very romantic night for us, "Thornton expressed." Please drink the wine Mrs. Androusey, "Thornton demanded in a hastily matter."


No, you probably put a sedative drug in it, while she shoved the wine glass towards Thornton. 


Claire, I will drink the glass of wine to prove you wrong, "Thornton replied."

As he began gulping it down, she could hear the consumption like a galloping horse echoed the ears of her mind.