Wednesday, July 24, 2013

soulmate- Captive

She had unlocked her lips with Thornton, "No I can't do this, as Claire began to struggle out of Thornton's manly arms."


Claire, I want you, grabbing her closer to his chest of iron walls of seductiveness. Thornton cradling her as he ran his hand across her bare shoulders of tiny beads of heat, down her neck, kissing her breast line. Saliva driblets showered across her chest, her heart was beating of intensity from being aroused by his touch of kisses that trembled through out.


Don't fight it Claire, as he pushed her down onto the cold wooden café table, knocking the wine glasses to the floor. Claire fighting every inch of the way, to get Thornton off her.

Thornton grabbed her by the wrists, "Ouch your hurting me Claire shouted!"

Thornton then picked her up with one swoop up in the air, carrying her over to the living room, lying on the Chesterfield in front of the fireplace.


Stop, get off me while shoving and kicking Thornton's sensuous body, "Claire argued."

Thornton raised his hand, as if to smack Claire, "Yet he held back, embracing her body to his. "Oh my Claire, I will never let Sebastian have you," as he began to fondle her hair, that smelled of lily lavender on a summers day.

Claire looked at him with hatred in her eyes, while she got lost in his domineering way with her.Their lips locked, he started to untie the lace straps that were across her chest.

His lips upon her breast...Claire trying not to give into temptation, of sexual desires that filled her quivering body.