Wednesday, July 24, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Sebastian had turned off the vehicle, as he coasted along side the lake, as he quietly existed the car door, leaving it a jarred. Sneaking his way across the grass, up the three stoned steps to the glass door of Claire's cottage. He noticed a shadow come closer to the curtains, as he ducked down side of the steps. The curtains had opened and closed quickly.

Sebastian made his way through a cracked side window of the cottage, in the bathroom.
Gently closing and locking the window from behind, he then crept his way through the bedroom, which led into the bedroom. He took off his shoes, so they wouldn't clank against the tile floor, through the foyer, to enter the living room. He could her whistling of teapot coming from the kitchen. Sebastian quickly rushed in with fists clutched in the air, ready to fight off the intruder.

For goodness sake, you scared the life out of me, as she swung a pan at his head, as he stopped it in time from knocking him upside the head.

What are you doing here Mrs. Wallington, I thought you went home, "Sebastian questioned?"

I just had to come by and see if Claire had left a message on the answering machine, "Gene surprisingly answered!" So I thought I'd fix a spot of tea, while praying for her to call or come back to the cottage, as Gene quivered.
What are you doing back, and sneaking around the back, like a thief in the night?

I  decided to come here and search the cottage for any force of struggle, any clues of that night from the intruder, "Sebastian had explained."
I saw a light on from the side of the road along the lake, coming from the back of Claire's cottage, so I stopped and parked about 100 feet away, and snuck through the bathroom window, "Thornton responded."

The bathroom window had been unlocked, "asked Gene?"
Yes, how else do you think I got in Claire's, "Sebastian stated."