Wednesday, July 24, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Claire kneed Thornton in the groin, as she fled through the living room to the bar. Pouring a shot of Amaretto liquor on the rocks, from behind the bar; avoiding the shattered glass on the floor, beside the café table.


Thrusting his way into the parlor, Thornton with drool upon his chinned face of anger, "Why Claire, he questioned?" 

How could you leave me in such rage, "as he smacked his hands down on the bar!"


Stay away, as she stood there with the front of her dress undone, don't make me throw this glass at you Thornton. You bitch, as he came across the bar snatching the glass from out of her hands. Give that back to me, "Claire hollered?"

If you stop acting like a child, and be nice, stop fighting me Claire, "Thornton abruptly replied."


Claire and Thornton left from behind the bar, carrying her away from the broken glass, he then placed her on her feet in the living room. The fireplace lit up her eyes, desperately staying away from the lust that had been building between the two.

Here, has he blanketed her with a knitted wool, as Claire shivered in front of the fireplace.