Saturday, July 27, 2013

soulmate- Captive

What are you doing crawling all over the floor, "Gene asked, as she entered the living room?"


I was picking up the broken pieces of the cup, and came across this, it's even on the couch. Don't use a broom, your bound to smear it all over the fabric, "Gene spoke." I wasn't about to Gene, I was going to sweep in between the furniture, "as Sebastian responded sternly." 


Where do you think this came from, Maybe when you were here the day you had a scuffle with the intruder, "Gene had asked?"


What's with all the questions, I don't know, probably the night before Claire was taken. Remember Claire had claimed someone was here in the cottage, and ran off into the woods, the night she phoned me before the day of our wedding; or do you not recall, "Sebastian explained in a agitated voice?" 


It must have slipped my mind. I do remember her coming into the dress shop, while putting her wedding gown on that morning, as she tried to tell me, "Gene responded." Claire was trying to tell me that someone had come in from the glass sliding doors, Yet I forced out the dress shop, to the alter...

Oh my dear, I should of listened to her, it's all my fault, "Gene cried!"

No its not Mrs. Wallington, you couldn't have known, as he hugged her, while wiping her tears with the cuff of his sleeve.