Wednesday, July 24, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Then Claire reached over the café table, while drinking his glass of wine, that sat before him.


See, I told you it wasn't drugged with a sedative, Yet you do need to be careful, "Thornton quoted."

Remember the antibiotic's I gave you earlier for your infection, are still in your system, You could have a reaction of feeling dizzy, "Thornton explained."


I don't care, fill it up again, I need to feel numb from being here; I want my Sebastian, as she chugged down another glass of chardonnay.

Claire began to stand up and walk about towards the windows to look out. As she looked off into the night fog, she said, I know my Sebastian will come; he'll find me, I just know it.


Thornton had walked over by Claire's side, while clutching his hand into hers. My princess, my love, Nonsense with your foolish thinking, "Thornton replied"; as he pushed her into his arms, as sexual notions aroused. Thornton pressed his mouth on her velvet wine tasting lips, merging into a locked kiss.

Claire tried to release herself from his hold, Yet she was engaged in a sensual captivating kiss of lust.