Saturday, July 27, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Mrs. Wallington is here with me, she was here when I had arrived, we found mud on the floor in between the furniture, and on the couch, "Sebastian had explained."


Therefore, officer Noble followed behind Sebastian as they made they're way back up to Claire's cottage. You men stay outside and search the surrounding areas of the lake, especially around the cottage, "officer Noble ordered."


As officer Noble and Sebastian stood by the lake, flashlights lit like torches reflecting off the murky smog waters as the hired men went about. Officer Noble had reached down, as Sebastian held his flashlight downward towards the soiled findings of a switchblade, half way sticking out of the mud.


Well what do we have here, "as their eyes grew alarmingly", as hesitation flooded their thoughts.

Out the glass doors, down the steps, shouting ranting of an elder's voice, 

"What happened to our Claire", as Gene fell to her knees; crashing into officer Noble's muddy boots face down.