Saturday, July 27, 2013

soulmate- Captive

Now come, sit down, drink your tea Gene, I'll finish cleaning up the mud and broken china.
Gene had been sobbing throughout her drinking of the tea, as Sebastian swept away into the dustpan.

After Sebastian had walked over to the sliding glass door, while looking out across the smog lake that filled the skyline.
What do you see, tell me, "anxiously waited Gene?"
I see flashlights heading this way, let me see, sit; I will go check this out Gene, as Sebastian went running down the steps of stone.

Gene had gotten up from the dining room table, as her shaky cup of tea had dribbled down the front of her shirt. "Oh shoot", as she ran to the kitchen, to clean herself...

What are you doing down at the lake at this hour Mr. Sir Montgomery, "questioned officer Noble,  with armed men?"
I thought you had gone home after leaving the police station, and to find you here, officer Noble stated.
I decided to come over to Claire's instead, I was hoping to find more answers to her disappearing, "Sebastian answered."