Saturday, July 27, 2013

soulmate- Captive

As she wrapped herself in the wool blanket, to keep from shivering, Thornton stared at her of ravishing furiously eyes awaited. Claire sat on the rug, hoping the night would end, without fighting with Thornton of his feelings for her.


Thornton beckoned Claire, yet she wouldn't answer nor look his way, she stood to run away from her captor. Thornton reached for her dress, grabbing it at the bottom of the lace trim; Tarring it at the seams, baring her legs of silk. 


By then, the wool blanket had fallen off her shoulders, Claire had tripped over. Thornton had leaned over her body screaming of lust, hair of webbed curls that flowed over his arm, as he gently lifted her head. Claire struggled to fight off his vintage breath that singed her hair, as he cuddled her, with moisture from his hand, that sweated her body .


Thornton refused her regetion, of pulling away and shoving him off, My princess; don't fight me, "as he said angrily!"